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Dekaron Private Server Action 12 with 11 classes.
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 [MOD] Application.

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PostSubject: [MOD] Application.   Mon Dec 07, 2009 9:08 pm

Name: (First)Angel (Middle)Kathy:D (Last)Lopez
Age: 18
Country: California
Timezone: PST
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Japanese, very little Vietnamese.
How strong is your knowledge about the game? My knowledge of playing Dekaron game's are good I know most classes and skill's, skill tree's and skill bar set up for beginner's to expert status.
Did you ever hacked the game before? Sadly, I have hacked lol.
What other computer skills do you have? I am somewhat very intelligent to other thing's beside's a Computer. But I know the least to set up, and help other's out on it. "Cell phone > Girl ftw<3 Txt"
About yourself: I don't play favorite's, I treat everyone the same but Label as my bestfriend/friend. I am kind of a bitch if you're on my bad side or are rude or disrespectful, as of other's or some know. I kind of want to be treated with Respect and I will give back what your mood is to me. "Game Wise" : I was a GM for 2moons and I was a Administrator for a game called Gunz ""
Why do you want to be a MOD: I would want to be a MOD for the site because I would want to help other's with problem's they are having situation's with. Also be making there download, or even game play very easy and ery well known this is a good game, not a bad game full of hacking etc.. The thing's usually game's get but get fixed.
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PostSubject: Re: [MOD] Application.   Mon Dec 07, 2009 9:56 pm

good luck!
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[MOD] Application.
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