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Dekaron Private Server Action 12 with 11 classes.
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PostSubject: Theoreticly   Tue Dec 01, 2009 9:18 pm

Hmhmh I know I am not like a GM/MOD, "If I was a GM/MOD" You would think if we would have a brilliant staff of Imperial Associate's you would think we can make like 2moons? But actually more into detail and make it alittle better than 2moons. Decoration's.

Halloween - Having jack "o" laturn's everywhere in Parka Temple, Heiharp, Loa Castle, Braiken Castle. Having costume's like for female character's having, "Hero Costume's". Cat Woman, Superman. You get the picture.

Christmas - Having same thing but similar to 2moons having Christmas gift's randomly everywhere, Tree's as well and some broken orniment's. Costume's as well having elf or even santa costume's.

Thanksgiving - Maybe have a few turky's run around and have table's scattered in place's where people nearly go and have pumpkin pie like slice's etc..

Staff's birthday - Announe on the "Ingame" that it's a MOD/GM Birthday and possibly have something like Balloons scattered.

Easter - Like all the other's have some animal's Ingame running around as allthe other's do.

Squirt's Idea's : Theese are only Idea's or "Suggestion's" to what it said earlier. Hopefully when this game goe's out of Beta. It can actually hapen
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