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Dekaron Private Server Action 12 with 11 classes.
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 Dekaron Imperial Added Features

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PostSubject: Dekaron Imperial Added Features   Sat Nov 28, 2009 12:55 am

Every suggestions that you would like to see in the server will be taken into consideration, so keep those suggestions coming.
We are here to keep the players happy, that is our number one priority.

Here are the features that will be implemented in the new patch

-There will be a new Map called the Loa/Braiken Agency. To get to this agency you can teleport to it via Braiken or Loa teleports.
- There will be an NPC in there selling your normal goods
- There will be and exchange center for all your wings and buff candies.
- There will be a guy with over 100 Quests, ranging in levels and difficulties. All quests will be custom and give custom rewards.
- There may also be a Commision Quest Board to redeem your prizes from All of the commission quests
- There will also be a Teleporter to teleport you to other maps.

- Action 7 wings will only be available for max rebirth, max level 200 characters.
This is done so you can tell exactly how strong someone is just by looking at their wings.
There is a special map (level 200 Cherbium). The mobs will drop a special item. Collect 10 of these items and trade them in the commission to gain these new wings with new stat boosts.

- After getting the new wings, it doesn't end there. The level 200 bosses will also drop a rare +30% Talisman that you can't purchase in a Dshop, making this map worth farming and doing.

- GM's are not allowed to attack any players at anytime. They are however, allowed to defend themselves when attacked.
Players are allowed to PK a GM. Party up and jump the GM, but the fight will not be easy.

- You can now teleport to Chain of Fire map and the dead fronts will be worth doing for drops and also great EXP.

- Level 180 expedition map will not be a dungeon, but a regular map where players will compete to farm special drops.
Special drops from the mobs can be collected to trade at the commission quest for nice rewards and items.

- The boss in Expedition map will also drop special items that can be collected and traded for a rare item.

- Economy balance. +12 items, argates and dills will now al have a value rather than easy to farm, but not hard to farm where it will require too much grinding.

- There is a Guild War (PK) map that can be accessed through Loa teleport.
In this map you can PK any one without going red (niete) and without having to hold CTRL key to attack.
You can meet up and do a party PVP session or squash guild beef in this map instead of PK-ing in Heiharp.

- Every boss will now be worth farming all dropping rare items.

- Favnil can now be farmed to drop Legendary 3 gears.
- Norak boss will drop Legendary 1 gears
- Castor cave boss will drop Legendary 2 gears

- All of the maps that have commission quest will revamped to make rewards worth doing.
- Draco desert, Avalon, Tomb of Black Dragon, Maze will now be a map where a lot of people will fight for space because of commission quest rewards. Some of the game most rare items can only be acquired through these commission quests.

- There will be only 1 Crespo Abyss map level 160 and it will be the only place to get those crystal argates to make +10, +11, and +12. Also doom 150+ deadfront maps can be acquired in this map.

- You can now teleport to East Ares and West Morte level 180 map.
The Mobs here are the transup version of the chracters. Killing the mobs will drop the 180+ gears for those class types.
For example killing the transup knight will drop only 180+ knight gears. Killing transup bagi will drop the 180+ bagi gears.

- Obsidians will drop from 130 Ruins and Space of Pilgrimage mobs to make these maps worth playing in and more active.
Doing the crespo dungeon will also be the best way to get obsidians.

- A lot of custom rings and necklaces and new items in Exchange Center, making 90 dgn and crespo dungeon worth doing.

- Tons of new gems, rings and necklaces that will not overpower one another, making no two characters identical. Now the build of the character and what rings he wear will make him very unique.

- There will be a boss called the Executioner in jail that will punish all the serial killers. He has a special skill that KO's in 1 hit and has Tons of HP. Killing him will also be worth your effort. He will drop a PK, PVP ring that will boost your stats while red or flagged.

Check back here often as we will be updating this page periodically as the updates becomes available before release.
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PostSubject: Re: Dekaron Imperial Added Features   Wed Dec 02, 2009 1:09 pm

Excellent work cheers
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Dekaron Imperial Added Features
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