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Dekaron Private Server Action 12 with 11 classes.
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 DK Imperial Updates

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PostSubject: DK Imperial Updates   Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:29 am

Azure Knigth skill SolarEvil fixed. Removed 2 extra hits
Aloken skill ManaShock debuff effect lowered
Incar Magicial skill Stasis Orb does not adds defense to target now
Half-Bagi skill KatarMastery damage bonus increased
Segita Hunter 220lv weapons damage increased a bit
Added missing Rudolph NPC minimap description
Mini-Help text location fixed (no more overlap with chat box)
Renamed "Will of helion" skill books into "Beyond blessing"
Quest part about "Broken blade" moved to npc Marielle (Ardeca NPC). Broken Blade item available at Stacy exchange (magic stones)
Nunvince dungeon removed
Goddess Relics removed from NPC shop
Added Gummy pet skill to D-shop
Added Slime pet skill to D-shop
Updated some party related UI parts
Ligthning guild effect fixed
Added guards NPC to Ardeca (to attack people with ip)
Incar Magician skill ShudderSpace damage calculation changed
Hell DF chests fixed
Removed sleep effect on stun effects.
Abyss quest fixed for sure ^_^
Fortified Obsidian added to Exchange Center (Stacy,magic stones)
Party pvp available now with GM help.
*Added drop chance of 9% Resistance Stones (Ice,Fire,Light,Curse or Poison) to Kravis monsters at 230Lv map. "Crap" gems removed from drop.
*Aloken skill Aqua Purge reduced effect time on Lv1-5 (previously it added same effect length for each skill lvl)
*Aloken skill Aqua Remove reduced effect time on Lv1-9 (previously it added same effect length for each skill lvl)
*Segnale skill ShieldField buff effect time fixed
*Incar Magician skill UrzerGain stun effect removed
*Incar Magician skill SpoiledDivinity effect fixed (-20% for every debuff)
*Increased defeat rate for all characters a bit
*Added Transformation costumes to Exchange Center (NPC: Valentine)
*Segnale skill RecoverShield effect increased (recovers 20k sh at lv5)
*Seguriper skill RecoverShield effect increased (recovers 20k sh at lv5)
*Draco Desert is not PeaseZone anymore
*Narukes are fishable in Ardeca too
*Argates texture changed
*BeyondBlessing skill description updated
*Added extra monsters to Elonohm map (170LV)
*Increased DIL drop for Drabiss WariorBoss (Elonohm map, 170LV)
*Removed Ceremonial Retinue monsters from Elonohm map (170LV)
*Fixed Aloken skill Gummy and Slime images (also removed wrong description)
*Frazard monsters in Inner Hell DF replaced
Monster EXP in Doom DF increased
Temple of Rudene dungeon monsters attributes (dmg,hp,resistances) edited
Infernal Ring is tradable now
Daes Arie is tradable now
HP/MP potion cooltime reduced a bit
Daes Arie exchange price reduced to 1000 naruke
Concera Summoner skill FuryExplosion fixed
HalfBagi skill MortalBlow fixed (adds HP decrease debuff to enemy)
HalfBagi skill PowerDash speed increased
Seguriper skill RecoverRoutine effect fixed
Seguriper skill Reincarnation can be used to revive players
Seguriper skill ReduceCondition effect added (decreasing block rate)
Seguriper party/target buffs combined into one skill
Segnale party/target buffs combined into one skill
Vicious Summoner skill OutOfSight teleportation fixed
Seleana hp reduced by 50%
Inner Hell DF exp decreased 50%
Edited Temple of Rudene monster atributtes.
Infernal Ring added to Dshop
Changed Guards position in Ardeca.
Changed locations of few DF npcs in Ardeca
Aloken skill RebelionSpear fixed
Aloken skill SelfBless effect changed (PhysicalBless calls skill effect)
Seguriper skill IncreaseConsu effect time reduced to 5sec at all skill levels
Vicious Summoner skill InvisibleShadow fixed at skill Lv5
Siege map updated
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DK Imperial Updates
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