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 [MOD] application

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PostSubject: [MOD] application   Sat Jan 30, 2010 12:53 am

Hello people im glad to make already a part of this comunity,no matter what happens...
Thats my [MOD] application and ya know i wont gonna try to look like a perfect gentelman or a dekaron pro to impress some1...ima be myself so u may know better with whom ur dealing with...
But i already noticed,that u guys are cool and funny...Well here it goes:




Time Zone:GMT 0...(im usually online about 10 hours or more but i can make it to 14-16 daily xD)

Languages Spoken:english,portuguese/brasilian,russian,ucranian and some spanish...

Do you have MOD experience?
iv been a [VGM] for some time on zandekaron...i have never been a [MOD] but oh well theres always a first time for everything...i play dekaron about 3 years and know the game like my five fingers...

Are you familiar with using forum functions and features?
offcourse,cos 30%-40% of the game is passing on forums with the comunity...

Are you familiar with html, bbc or php codes?
unforchunetly no...but im a good student and learn all fast like i used to do in russia...cos i really had to lolz...

What other skills do you have?
Well my main skill is music and all that got to do with it...especially recording...

About yourself:
Well what can i from in portugal for 9 years already...i love hunting(dont think that im some cold blood animal killer but its just in my blood...i dunno) and fishing...i started a course of sound tecnician and since i already passed a lot of time in studios recording songs before it i feel like i know everything already rofl...i play in a metalcore/hardcore band called one second left...i already played in a street hardcore and comunist punk bands but they went poof and it wasnt actually my main metal passion...i play all kind of random music instruments that got strings incluiding contrabass and violin,but yeah i wont change my electric guitar for any other instrument in the world...i collect newspapers and jornals with threads about UFO's and paranormal activities cos its something that we cant stop and sooner or later we gonna have to deal with it,so we should be a little prepared...

Why do you want to be a MOD:
im a little tired of random playng,and i also wanna put in work my game skills to help new players and make those knowledges usefull for some1 exept me...i also wanted to knew this game from the side of a stuff member,all the goods and bads of it and discover something new...we gotta keep on exploring the world to walk on the same line or at the front of tecnicall progress,and not behind it...and i dont wanna be a *mighty* [MOD] showing off in front of random players and acting like im god just cos im a mod...humans are all same...

Well guys thats it,im done,and now i just wanna hear ur opinions about what u thinking and how actually i look like to u all from my descriptions...i tried to be as much honest as possible...
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PostSubject: Re: [MOD] application   Mon Feb 01, 2010 2:15 pm

sounds like a decent fella...
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Age : 33
Location : Lisbon,Portugal

PostSubject: Re: [MOD] application   Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:14 pm

What the...?
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PostSubject: Re: [MOD] application   

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[MOD] application
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