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 vetern amulet Test 2 Castle of Pilgrimage

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PostSubject: vetern amulet Test 2 Castle of Pilgrimage   Sun Dec 13, 2009 12:59 pm

ok this is a test that is done in real time here we go

all monsters during this Test are green.

TEST 1 without a veterans amulet exp rate as follows 3,041,100 ------ 3,144,600------- 3,249,600

TEST 2 with 20% exp veterans amulet 3,649,320 ----- 3,773,520 ----- 3,899,520

TEST 3 with a 50% veterans amulet -----579,432------421,932------266,682 notice the huge drop

TEST 4 with a 100% veterans amulet-----2,204,232------1,994,232-----1,787,232 hmm we can clearly see that the 20% is working like it should.

all monsters during this experiment were not Harmed in any way. king


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PostSubject: Re: vetern amulet Test 2 Castle of Pilgrimage   Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:31 pm

Omni we figured out looney tested the amu on the 5rb char. Which is why it was outta sync. So disregard this post pls. As they work fine on the 0rb chars max lvl 250...
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vetern amulet Test 2 Castle of Pilgrimage
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