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Dekaron Private Server Action 12 with 11 classes.
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PostSubject: Transformation   Wed Nov 11, 2009 11:37 am

Here is the prototype of the mini launcher. The final version may vary.

I also have been working on getting the transup working properly. When in transup mode, your character will have a new stance and red eyes and transup effects under feet. Also your char will get a temporary stat boost. +50 to STR, DEX, HEAL, and SPR. This is how they have it in the Korean server. You can also level it to level 3 like in the Korean Server. Level 3 will give about +150 stat point boost to all attributes. The pictures below is for you to get an idea of how it will look.

Notice the red eyes, new stance and tranup effects under feet.

Below is the video of tranup in motion.

So many of you have seen the skill, but many of you don't know what is actually does....well here is the list of advantages you get when you are using the Transup skill:
+50 each stat
+10% Increased movement speed
+5% all magic resistance
+5% physical resistance
Increase magical/physical attack
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